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Graffiti Removal Bedfordshire

Graffiti is often much more than just an eyesore. When a graffiti makes its appearance on your walls or premises, it would more likely put off customers and others, leading to loss of business.


When you find your property vandalised by graffiti, there is no need to fret or panic. All you need to do is call Trusted Cleaners. Our highly professional graffiti removal service can remove that unsightly spray painting, street art, or any other undesirable and unwanted decoration from your walls or property, in double quick time.


We are a highly experienced cleaning company, with over 15 years of experience in offering cleaning service of all hues. We have special equipment, and deploy the latest techniques, such as high-pressure water jetting, for graffiti removal. We have all the required tools and chemicals to do the job ready on hand, ensuring fast turnaround.

Our highly skilled, well-trained, and competent workforce is adept to the task, and manages the job efficiently, in a time bound manner. We train our staff well, making sure they are aware of the correct techniques to apply, depending on the nature of the graffiti.

They not only focus on removing the graffiti, but also make sure vulnerable road users, passers-by, or your customers are not harmed in the course of doing their job. All or staff are insured, leaving you with zero risks. We comply with all safety and health regulations in force.


You gain several benefits by availing our services. Apart from the thorough and efficient work in graffiti removal, we guarantee long lasting results. Our intuitive scheduling software allows us to schedule appointments efficiently.

We never delay on our appointments, and rest assured we will be on the job at the promised hour. We understand the need to remove that unwanted graffiti from your premises can be urgent, and we oblige by offering immediate services.

We invest in our staff, not just training them well, but also offering them all the required protective equipment, such as safety goggles, helmets, and more. We also comply with all relevant legislation in force, and make it a point to keep abreast of industry best practises.


We are an environmentally friendly company, and use eco-friendly and organic chemicals, tools, and methods for graffiti removal. The water used for the jetting process is reclaimed to the extent possible, and we also deploy environmentally friendly liquid waste management service.


Our rates are very competitive. We offer the maximum value for your money, with the unbeatable advantage of superior service, prompt and time-bound completion, and work-guarantee, combined with very low rates.


We have established a reputation for delivering high quality, professional, and timely services Our biggest advertisement is hundreds of satisfied clients, who always vouch for us, and return to us whenever they require cleaning services.


Get in touch with us at any time, for an immediate solution to your graffiti woes, and for all your other one-off and regular commercial or residential cleaning requirements. We guarantee high-quality professional work at the lowest costs.

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